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White briefs that are supposedly tighter than other briefs and are mainly for "little kids". Many teenagers these days wear boxers or boxer-briefs instead of briefs (or tighty whities) because they think if they wear tighty whities they will be made fun of since they wore it when they were younger and it is supposedly for little kids. Why it's only for little kids and that every guy can't wear them, I'm not sure. However, they do offer more comfort and can hide something that boys don't usually want seen.
One kid in a class of 15 boys wears tighty whities. He goes to school and is seen wearing these. He is laughed at because many people think it's too babyish.
by Danny McCann June 20, 2007
What one man and woman do, usually for a child, but sometimes just for pleasure. It can also be done with two men or two women. Most people wait until they're married to have sex, but there have been some cases when people have sex before they're married.
"Do you want to have sex?" a boy asked
"Let's wait until we're married," a girl replied.
by Danny McCann June 20, 2007
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