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Hide and go poop, or poop and seek is a game played in an office environment or anywhere like it (at a school or any public area with public restrooms). when you sit down or are about to drop a duece you must send a text to another player to signal the start of the game. the player that recieved the text now has to run from bathroom to bathroom looking under the stalls to find you. if they find you, they get a wet papertowel and hit u with it. if they successfully hit you with the wet paper towel that counts as a steal and they get five points. if you can complete the poop, wipe, flush it down, and have your pants up before they find you then it is five or seven points depending on if you sent the text before or as you sat down (five for as you sit or seven for before you sit).
Do you want to play hide and go poop?
by Daniel aka Captain Quick Shit April 15, 2008

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