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A tiny bear is the world's greatest metaphor - it can be used in a large variety of different situations or to explain. The real symbolism of a tiny bear is not anything specific, and can be bent to any distortion the user should think of.
"He's a loner, never goes out, never has any friends... like a tiny bear."

"If I don't watch out, I'll be stuck in a really difficult situation... like a tiny bear."

"Hitler rose to power by slowly moving through Czechoslovakia, to Poland, and claimed a huge empire... like a tiny bear."
by Daniel Stranger October 09, 2004
Silly soup is the cause of all things good in the world. It is like the primorial ooze - but instead of evolving into humans, it creates happiness! Anyone who doesn't like silly soup has no soul. Fear them.
Silly soup - Ambrosia for non-Greek gods.
by Daniel Stranger October 09, 2004
A school in Guildford, England. It has a number of buildings, and many of them are haunted. Pikey's also run around the school. The majority of the students are confused and overworked. The 6th formers run around and have fun. The teachers small. Every now any then, something funny happens, and then everything continues as it was.
"What school do you go to?"
"George Abbot."
"Oh right."
"Just asking."
by Daniel Stranger October 09, 2004
1. A phrase of introduction, a way to introduce yourself to a group fairly indistinct.
2. A tension-breaker in situations no-one's saying anything.
3. A way to ask where the 'action' is, ergo - where a party is being held.
4. An annoying catch-phrase.
A: "Hey, where's the beef?"
B: "STFU, n00b."
A: "I just asked whe..."
B: "OMG, u r gay."
by Daniel Stranger October 09, 2004

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