3 definitions by Daniel Roberts

Highly overrated company that manufactures inferrior audio components that fail to compete with equipment in a pricerange that undercuts many Bose products tenfold.

Paper cones, 'secret' frequency response, and wide gaps in the crossover dynamics make for muddy and empty sound with high distortion in the upper ranges coupled with limited bass response from the 'bass module,' which is little more than 3 small drivers arranged in a sequence.
No highs, no lows, must be Bose!
by Daniel Roberts November 26, 2003
Your closest female friend at work. Her motive is friendship, not pay. This is typically a non-sexual relationship.
I was running so late this morning that I didn't get my usual bagel. Thank God my work-wife brought me some Micky D's.
by Daniel Roberts December 23, 2004
Clothes worn to make you blend into the homosexual community.
"Go get your homoflage on, you don't wanna stand out in this crowd, that's for sure."
by Daniel Roberts August 10, 2004

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