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3 definitions by Daniel Lopez

A book written by men, inspired by God, that gives guidelines on how you should live your life.
It also tells you how the world was created, how it will end, what will happen to believers, and what will happen to those who adamantly refuse God and his omniscience.
The Bible is meant to be taken literally in some aspects, and is open to interpretation in others.

It chronicles the origin of the world and civilization (the alternative is the theory of evolution which will never be proven).
The Bible shows how an Intelligent Designer could create something as complex as our world and life in general.
The Bible is full of prophecies that have been fulfilled, as well as prophecies that have been fulfilled in recent history, and prophecies that will be fulfilled.

Contrary to popular belief, the Bible does lend itself to science and human knowledge. It gives explanations that some choose not to accept (like little kids with their hands covering their ears, eyes clinched shut, mumbling 'la la la la la la la' because they think this changes reality).
The Bible is a fantastic book to read, whether you believe it is the Truth, or not.
by Daniel Lopez December 10, 2006
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a stage many teenagers/college students go through where their viewpoints turn left-wing, and they feel compelled to express their contempt of Bush and other conservative views in myspace bulletins.
many people do grow out of this fad.
person 1: Hey, joe posted another bulletin bitching about America last night.
person 2: Meh, it's just a liberal fad.
by daniel lopez May 26, 2007
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What you get when you cross a chicken and an egg.

A joke created by Daniel Lopez (CA) after a wrestling tournament in late 2005.
Can be used as a generic insult.
You: What do you get when you cross a chicken and an egg?
Friend: I dont know, what?
You: A "chegg"
Friend: Hahaha, that was so stupid it was funny!


Hey, chegg, get over here!


Dude, youre such a chegg, its not even funny.
by Daniel Lopez December 13, 2006
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