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After revealing his love for the afore-mentioned cartoon, it became hard not to notice the resemblance and eventually the overall ideniticity of them both.
Conor, is queerduck.
"Conor, you are queerduck"
by Daniel Killen March 27, 2005
An insult used by Conor to insult the ever creeping and fondling Daniel. However, once Daniel caught onto this miraculously stunning insult he concocted a ruse to use it against the mighty Queerduck that is Conor.
It is now the bane of Conor's existence.
"Conor, you are the biggest creeping gaywinder I've ever met, now be off with you."
by Daniel Killen March 27, 2005
After first being used as an insult directed towards one James Campbell, the beanpole has been accepted as a legendary insult.
The title of beanpole, now rests firmly under the belt of one Jack McGrory. Who is an overwhelming beanpole.
"Jack is a beanpole"
by Daniel Killen March 28, 2005

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