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1. someone who makes an attept at a sexual interraction to your girlfriend
2. someone who puts a girlfriend in a bag and runs off with her
"Bill you just kissed my girlfriend. you girlfriend stealer."
"hey come back here you girlfriend stealer"
by Daniel K April 20, 2006
1. Someone Who Likes To flirt with everyone
2. someone who enjoys attepting sexual actions on more than one person
3. An insult
4. A Player
" Bill your such a whore flirting with my girlfirend"
" Bill don't call Leona a whore its not very nice"
by Daniel K April 20, 2006
To walk briskly past a girl and touch her butt
Did that guy just touch my butt wow he is such a booty swifter
by Daniel k March 03, 2015

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