2 definitions by Daniel Gutfeld

1. Chocolate pudding
2. The most extreme form of awesome.
1. "Miss, could I get some of that dooby dank sauce."
2. "Man that party last night was the dooby dank sauce."
by Daniel Gutfeld April 05, 2008
1. Someone who grows Marijuana.
2. Someone who sells Ganja.
3. Someone who you have sexual relations with just to pass the time.
4. A friend who has no name.
1. "I'm headed to my buddy's' place, want any?"
2. "Let me call my buddy, he has a buddy who sells the dooby dank sauce."
3. "It's one in the morning and I'm going to see my buddy."
4. "Where you going?"
"To hang out with my buddy."
by Daniel Gutfeld April 05, 2008

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