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For anything completly out of this world!
Came about after watching a Video on the Famous soccer player Ronaldiniho's ball skills which it could only be reffured to as " Alien Fornication"
That is some "Alien Fornication" Right there.
You are the Bi-Product of "Alien Fornication"
nothing more to be said except.. that was "fornicated"
Exceptional "Alien Fornication"
by Daniel Gibson February 11, 2008
Defining Joe Rogan's Infinitesimal Babyisms
On today's show we have Doug Stanhope... Redban what are you doing? What is that? Are you vaping? Don't blow that shit in the air, I don't know what's in that shit. You don't know either. it's not good for you. How do you know? I'm inhaling nicotine or some shit, bitch. Joe man, stop going on such a manrant over my vape dude. Everything will be alright man.
by Daniel gibson June 25, 2014
For Anything that Happens With A Jamaican... wink wink!
So your friend went to the beach and next thing you know shes in bed with a guy who could only be described as a tripod.. GIRL! she got "jamaicafied"
by Daniel Gibson September 03, 2008
A betting term for poker which reffurs to betting insane amounts with little to no chance of winning. Thought it up from the whole Futurama Alkizar's "crankin it up a notch with the spice weasel!" its a good term cos its for those "All or nothing" Attempts
Spice weaselin' my Opponent Hard
Crankin this game up with the ol' "Spice Weasel"
by Daniel Gibson February 11, 2008

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