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A game that is played by less than a dozen people. Once "Not gay!" is called out the loser is the person who gets there hand up last or not at all. This game is played randomly and not supposed to be expected.

Opposites of this game are: "Whos gay?" Expecthing the person to belive they are playing "not gay" and thus lose when they think they are winning.
Zach: "Not gay!"
Daniel: *raises hand*
Smiley: *raises hand*
Jamie: *puts his head down in shame*
Smiley: *haha* "Jamie is gay! we all win now!"

Till next time....
by Daniel, Smiley, Zach September 10, 2007
A word called out to call dibbs on a girl when among fellow male hunters.
Girl walking down the street.

Group of guys walking towards girl

Rod: "Squirrel!"

Tom: "You can do that, I called her already"

Rod: "Dont scam on my squirrel"

Tom: "Suitcases!"

The end
by Daniel, Smiley, Zach September 07, 2007
A phrase that can only be used to physc-out a player during Celebrity Taboo.

Tom:"Who played in Lethal Weapon with Mel Gibson?"
Rod: "suck-a-dick!!!!"
Henry: "Ummmmm...."
Rod: "suck-a-dick!!!!!!!!!"
Henery "Ahhhh...uhhh.."
Rod: "Time up! You lose! I get the squirrel"
Henery "Sorry Tom"
by Daniel, Smiley, Zach September 07, 2007

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