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This weird and wonderful creature is a cross-breed combination between an Emo and a Scene. This breed is rather rare but is multiplying in numbers, and when seen should be photographed for proof!

- A typical Scemo is often confused and in denile about being either one of them.
- Usually seen wearing drainpipes(skinnys), Black hoody, and a H&M kiddy top ... mostly found in either batman or spiderman or superman!
- Can have either the typical scene hair (fringe clipped across the forhead). Or the all in the face emo look. Or a mixture of both!
- Mainly found in Topshop, H&M kiddys, Or some form of a coffee shop..
Girl 1: Hey look at that, *points at snemo*, its an emo.
Girl 2: Thats obviously a scene you dumbass.
Girl 1: Nah i swear she's an emo, look at what she's wearing!!
Girl 2: Yeah but look at her hair...
Girl 1: I guess... I know she's a Scemo!
by Dani _x && Hannah -x- December 29, 2005

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