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Literal translation is 'don't be a pussy'. Most often used when berating someone with 'you forgot rule one' implying that if one has forgotten rule one then they're indeed a pussy.
Dan: I'm a little tired, my boots are chaffing and the wind is blowing in the wrong direction.
Gora: You're in violation of rule one. Get over that kicker.
by Dangleburt Humpledink August 05, 2010
The term given to the complete inability of our European brethren to line up in an orderly fashion and wait their bleedin' turn resulting in anarchy and further queuing. However does usually have the added benefit of being able to find fellow Brits in the queue as they're often the ones shaking their head and/or tutting in disgust. Most often observed when waiting for an uplift at a continental ski resort.

Can also be used if you feel like jumping a queue.
Bartholomew: Where the frigg are you?
Archibald: I'm stuck in a Euro-queue.
Bartholomew: Unlucky, may I suggest windmilling through the crowd?!

Frederic: Sod this malarkey, I'm Euro-queuing.
by Dangleburt Humpledink October 14, 2011
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