2 definitions by Dan T...AKA..Crazy Fresh

an abbreviation for "get the fuck out" The noob is a little bonus. It is used when you are tired of hearing somebody's shit or are surprised by something.

yani - You are stupid
Jorge - Shut up!
yani - no way
Jorge - GTFO Noob!!
by Dan T...AKA..Crazy Fresh August 20, 2006
This word is used when describing something awesome! It's another way of saying "Awesome!", "that's great", or "yummy!" This phrase may be used when speaking in reference of a person, a persons actions, or a garden salad at Olive Garden.

Bongo - Hey yo! I just got my eye peirced
Hippers - Let me see. Wow! That is crazy fresh
by Dan T...AKA..Crazy Fresh August 21, 2006

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