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Sport/martial art orginating from Japan. Kendo translates to 'the way of the sword', and practicioners are called kendoka.

Participants in this sport use bamboo swords called 'shinais' and wear armor called 'bogu'. This armor includes a face mask/helmet called 'men' a pair of thick gloves called 'kote' a chest protector called a 'do' and an apron-like peice called a 'tare'.

Participants must also wear a pair of very loose pants called the hakama, and a thick jacket called the keikogi.

When in a match, the participants are allowed to strike to the head, wrists, the sides of the chest, and in certain cases (this is often discouraged in torunaments since it can be dangerous if used improperly)to a small flap that hangs off the men that covers the throat.
Kendo is the way of the sword.
by Dan Stuart June 20, 2005
a sudden reminder of favorite childhood memories that creates an insatiable need to relieve parts of one's childhood.
The recent trailers for the transformers movie hit me with a serious nostalgia bomb. Now I can't stop downloading episodes of the cartoon show.
by Dan Stuart April 08, 2007
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