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3 definitions by Dan Ross

Being man-raped by a group of four gay New Zealanders.
I should probably walk you home. This is the exact kind of neighborhood in which you could get bear forced.
by Dan Ross January 11, 2008
A tactic used by engineers and architects to trick coworkers or superiors into thinking they are actually working. The two actions refer to the controls on a mouse and their affiliations in AutoCad.
Nice job Mike! You sure are a hard worker. (Boss)
Stupid asshole! I just got him with the zoom and scroll! (Mike to Dan)
by Dan Ross January 11, 2008
The moment when you attempt to fart silently in the presence of a female and a little faeces comes out.

Can also be used as an exclamation when the above situation arises, and or as an insult whereby you intend to refer to the insulted as a piece of poo that was never intended to come out of the anus.
Oh no I've just badger wack'd in front of Suzie and I need to go home and change my wide fronts.

Your such a badger wack

If your not careful I might badger wack and give it to your mum
by dan ross October 13, 2013