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A double cheek pinch or two handed face smush followed by a serious and heartfelt hug.
Rebekah loves to squnch the kids.
by Dan Quan January 22, 2007
Something one needs to mess around with to get to work properly, each time, is futtzy. Something not precisely simple or un-complex, something not plug-n-play, is futtzy. Something requiring multiple steps completed in specific order and requiring a large chunk of ones attention, usually diverted from another concurrent task, for proper operation, is futtzy.
I love my new phone with navigation, I just type in an address and it voice prompts me over my car audio system, interrupting my streaming music as needed so it aint futtzy at all!
by Dan Quan October 17, 2009
Fucking up while drunk, stoned or otherwise out of control due to intoxicants, uppers, downers or whatever'rs.
Dude, I really going for it tonight. If I start sheening please drag me out before I get my ass kicked or busted.
by Dan Quan March 08, 2011

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