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Tends to be someone who chooses not to like a band because they are popular or are becoming popular, or have 1 fucking song on the radio.
The Asshole Critic Whore thinks modest mouse is a sell-out because they have 1 song on the radio thats not really that great.
by Dan Mclean April 19, 2005
Robot Potatoes, better than the Notty Nuns

From the misunderstood genius, Dan Mclean his clan for Halo 2 who rox teh big111!!oneone
I am a Pobot, a robot potatoe, we are mechanised, bi-pedal potatoes.
by Dan McLean March 28, 2005
Notty Nuns; stemming from naughty and nuns

The best clan of psychological warfare genius' to ever grace the Halo universe.
The Notty Nuns toasted other clans with over-used names, besides Robot Potatoes.
by Dan McLean March 28, 2005
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