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A kid that is deathy spoiled and tries to say he bought everything he owns with a part time job at Target.
See that douche Bag over there? He looks like a Richy Rich. There is no way he paid for all those parts under the hood of his car by selling groceries and doing tune-ups!

Also refer to "Mississippi Night Monkey"

Nicholas Roland is a Richy Rich.
by Dan Mackie & Jesse Moorehead April 10, 2007
A 1996 Acura Integra Ls
- 4 doors
- Ricer Tail Lights
- Non V-Tec
- 1.8 L
- 14" Konig Rims
- Blue Underglow
- Ricer Fog Lights.
- Constantly Blasts Their Under Powered Sound System.
Hey, did u see that piece of shit that drove by blasting "Everytime we touch" ? Total "Azzy Mobile". What a douche' bag.

Also See : Ricer,Douche' Bag, Mackie, Cock Mouth And Or Cock Face.

Unrelated Reference : "Mississippi Dragonfly"
by Dan Mackie & Jesse Moorehead April 10, 2007

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