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A sad devolving sect of humanity that is decaying the very essence of true metal music by listening to shitty emo butt rock bands like Atreyu. Much like the Hair Band movement of the 80's we will evolve out of this stage and later regret how much good metal music digressed for the sake of these emo douche bags.
If you listen to Atreyu you might be an emo douche bag. I will shit on Dan Jacob's face... Then he will have something to cry about... My shit on his face... Now thats emotional!! Eat my balls bitches.
by Dan Jacobs of Atreyu November 05, 2007
Also known as emo-butt-rock it refers to the genre of shitty emo music that a bunch of socially retarded morons listen to. They like to sit around and butt fuck each other while listening to Atreyu and other fake fucking O.C. bands, and since they only use their tears as lube it often leads to a Pink Sock or an inverted anus.
Dean listens to a bunch of pink sock rock. Atreyu eats a fatty fucking cock! Fuck O.C. and fuck Pink Sock Rock. Cheer up you fucking douche bags!!!
by Dan Jacobs of Atreyu November 05, 2007
Shitty fucking Emo music that retards like to butt fuck to, while using their own fake tears and face paint as lube. These dramatic douche bags are not really mad at the world just mad at them selves for being born a fucking douche bag.
Emo butt rock sucks. Fuck Atreyu!!! Atreyu can gag on my fury nut sack. I will shit on Dan Jacobs face!! Go back to O.C. and quietly wait for it to fall in the ocean you fuck!!
by Dan Jacobs of Atreyu November 05, 2007

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