2 definitions by Dan Chen

An affectionate term for an affectionate act. After completing the act of sweet loving, the male wipes his hand across his ass, runs his finger across his woman's top lip and inserts an explosive device in her mouth, preferably an M-80 firecracker or a fragmentation grenade.
Please accept this detonating sanchez as a token of my affection...oh, shit, sorry, I blew your face off; I'll go get a towel.
by Dan Chen September 30, 2003
The popular locker room gag of putting Tiger Balm (or some other heat inducing ointment) into someone's athletic supporter. The ensuing extreme discomfort of the victim can be quite hilarious.
Back in high school, my friends and I laughed all day long after giving a fireball to some jerk who always hassled the retarded kids. Seeing him stagger around the locker room, grabbing his dick and screaming "My balls, my fuckin' balls!" was priceless.
by Dan Chen November 01, 2003

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