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53 definitions by Dan Moses

To receive an "F" as a grade. As receiving an "A" is referring to as an ace, receiving an "F" is referred to as a face.
Nick: "Holy shit, brozay, I think i really fukked up that test."
Joe: "You passed though, right?"
Nick: "Dude, I don't know...I think I might've faced that shit."
by dan moses January 04, 2008
adjective. Gay; flitty, to an obvious degree
Steve: "Are you serious, dude? Chris is a fag? I had no idea?"
Jo: "Are you kidding? He's gayer than a box of birds."
by dan moses March 27, 2011
noun. 1/16 of a point, when referred to the price of a stock. Before decimals were used in the stock market, stocks traded in sixteenths and eighths. 1/16 was referred to as a teenie.
Steve: "Yo brozay, how's MCZ doing?"
Phil: "Not badly. It's up a teenie."
by dan moses July 22, 2011
Verb. To embellish a story to make it seem more interesting. Similar to what is done to photos, when they are photoshopped.
Tom: "Hey Joe, are you going to tell people how you almost caught that 20 lb. fish while you were on vacation?"
Joe: "Ah, I was thinking about it, but it's not that great of a story."
Tom: "No, problem, Why not just storyshop it and make it a 200 lb. fish?"
by Dan Moses July 29, 2012