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53 definitions by Dan Moses

To partner with in a competitive event. Also can be teamin'.
The tennis tournament was coming up and Alex and I were teaming.
by Dan Moses June 13, 2007
When one does not respond to another's email or to any kind of online chat.
Dan: "Brozay, what's up? I've emailed you like four times and you don't respond. What are you, fuckin' e-deaf?"
Nick: "Ah, sorry dude. Been busy lately, and I'm spread really thin."
by Dan Moses September 22, 2007
Phrase referring to the immaturity of another's statement, used as a put down.
Nick (to geek): "I didn't realize geeks smoked weed..."
Geek (to Nick, as a comeback): "I didn't realize fairies were so judgmental..."
Nick: "Fairies? Ohhhh....how seventh grade..."
by Dan Moses October 14, 2007
Euphemism for stupid; unintelligent
Ryan: "Jesus, who's that chick you were with the other night? I sure would like to pound that pussy."
Nikko: "Yeah, she's hot, for sure, but she's a little...how shall we say.... "under the weather upstairs".
by Dan Moses November 11, 2007
To take a dump; defecate
Steve: "Yo, I have to drop a spike like you wouldn't believe."
Bill: "Well, thanks for sharing, but why tell me? Do I look like a bathroom attendant?"
by Dan Moses November 05, 2007
To argue back and forth with another, lobbing insults while doing so.
Nick: "Mary, we fucked, but I never promised you anything more, so stop being such a cunt."
Mary: "You're nothing but a two-timing low-life sign maker, Nick."
Nick: "If you want to continue this game of verbal volleyball, it'll have to be later, honey. I've gotta get to a meeting."
by Dan Moses October 30, 2007
To receive a "B" as a grade...the natural progression after "ace", or an "A".
Joe: "Yo broesy, you ace that test?"
Evan: "Nah, didn't study that hard. Baced it though."
by dan moses January 04, 2008