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32 definitions by Damn Damn Danno

A guy that has a knack for finding women's G-Spots.

The trick is to find a woman's G-Spot is being attentive, being less "self absorbed" and more attentive to the one you'll make moan.
Rianne: Hey! Did you know that Dan is a great G-Spotter?
Flo: Can I try him?
Rianne: FUCK OFF! Get your own G-Spotter GOD DAMN IT!
by Damn Damn Danno October 08, 2006
Fuckinese: A language understood by no-one, usally spoken by aliens or immigrants. It's a synonym for Jibberonese or Jibberish.
Turbanite : Bla bla bla bla
by damn damn danno October 01, 2006
A know-it-all Daffy Duck trucker who tries to impress dispatch who just laugh at him or her.

They usually have tons of speeding tickets and almost wiped out families.
Ross is a super-trucker.
by Damn Damn Danno October 19, 2006
A barbie-q (or BBQ) is essentially the act of taking your younger sister's Barbie Tramp Dolls and roast it slowly like a fucking turkey on a fucking roaster.

Often it will emanate some phenylketamines and other cancer-causing chemicals.
Danno: Wanna join my Barbie-Q?
Suzie: Sure! Why not!
Danno: Allrighty then!

MARIANNE: STOP BARBIE-Qing my daughter's Barbie doll!
by damn damn danno October 01, 2006
An island near the Isle of Man, where all of men's fantasies come true and alive.

I wish I was living in Lesbia...

Lesbians are inhabitants of Lesbia.
by Damn Damn Danno October 07, 2005
The smartest invention ever built by some jock by the name of George Foreman.

You can cook fecal matter in this grill and amaze your friends in the process.
Flying J Cook : DOOD! I got meself a George Foreman Grill
Manager : Cool! Let's cook shit and feed it to the masses!
by damn damn danno October 01, 2006
1. A hoe (like her) that got prego.

Britney Spears actually is a by-product of the "sex-sells" scheme in this pathetic world. She's often seen engaging in sexually deviant acts.

Many people lost respect to her because she's a prime example of what GIRLS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO! AND HER carreer was just helped by her so called "beautiful body" that used to shake her mammary glands (tits) on her videos.

She's cute. But inside her lies an evil, ugly looing monster looking to cob your nob. RIGHT KEVIN FEDERLINE?
Brtiney Spears is a prego hoe. Right???
by Damn Damn Danno October 01, 2005