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Anti-Oppression Federation

A group of misfits that have been terrorizing the internet since 1999.

They tend to attack message boards that oppress free speech, but their main goal is just to make fun of as many people as possible.

Trolls of the lowest ilk and mostly mentally disabled.
The AOF is known to have attacked the bioware message boards, BET.com, theweightboard, It'shappening.com and .net and many other locations around the internet.

Resposible for the utter downfall of several message forums.


The AOF is a wild pack of flaccid miscreants. BET.com called the AOF children of satan
by DammitBoy! October 23, 2005
Formerly an insult used to infer that a person was so stupid, they had their head up their ass, making it a hat or helmet. Asshat is the more commonly known adjective.

Today asshelmet refers to a poster who frequents the message forum asshelmets.com who, shortly around 9/11 adopted the term to refer to themselves.

They decided to adopt the insult and own it as a badge of pride, refusing to give into PC mindthink about how America deserved to have 9/11 happen.

Currently asshelmets is a haven for free speech and self-expression that most message boards will not allow.

Asshelmets is the Internet's premiere center of morality. We have architected and blueprinted new paradigm shifts moralitywise.
Who they hell are these freaks and where did they come from?


Oh, those guys? They're asshelmets...
by DammitBoy! March 03, 2007

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