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3 definitions by Damigo

An over-aggressive lesbian. The type of female homosexual that feels the need to senselessly argue anything and everything someone says. Not just a feminist, an ULTRA-feminist. This is not a homosexual female who stands up for herself and her sexuality, but homosexual female who is out for blood.
Friend: Why were you arguing with that chick?
Me: I have no clue... she just came up and started ranting about how much men suck and how we've been oppressing women since the beginning of time. I just told her that I loved her shirt.
Friend: Ah... so she's an aggresbian?
Me: Yup. An aggresbian.
by Damigo March 05, 2012
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A singer-songwriter who is obsessed with Jason Mraz's style of music. Commonly found in San Diego, California, or anywhere that people would rather copy someone, than to try to be original.
"Hey man, this guy is really good!"

"Dude... are you kidding? He's totally Mrazmatazzed"

by Damigo February 05, 2009
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When a girl gives a dude head, uses her teeth, and makes him sore for the next few days.
Hey Billy, be careful with her! Cause that chick totally gave me a Pap Smear last night!
by Damigo February 05, 2009
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