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The dark eighties refers to the period of time in popular culture, between 1983 and 1990, when there was very little original thought occured. There was a mass market culture ruled by the common denominator.
For some reason bands like Wham! were actually popular during the dark eighties.
by Dakota Bill G March 15, 2005
1. To have been killed; murdered; finished. From ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

2. Archaic. To be high on PCP, commonly known as angel dust.

3. After a robbery, when the police have supposedly thoroughly investigated the crime scene, including dusting for fingerprints.
1. He wouldn't pay JJ, so JJ dusted him.
No more beer! The keg's dusted.

2. The dude was so dusted, he thought he could fly, broke his back when he jumped out of that tree.

3. The police just left, they dusted for prints.
by Dakota Bill G March 10, 2005
Way back in the dark eighties, there was a band, M.O.D., which stood for Method of Destruction. They were the orig right wing hate band. On one of their albums, which may have been called Speak English or Die, they had a song called, A.I.D.S., which stood for Anally Inflicted Death Sentence.
The lyrics of M.O.D.'s A.I.D.S. go something like, "that's what you get for having a penis up your ass. Anally inflicted death sentence."
by Dakota Bill G March 15, 2005

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