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60 definitions by Dagrolord

The breasts, especially spectacular breasts.
Check out the sweatermeat on the new chick behind the counter! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
by Dagrolord September 18, 2005
393 19
Near exclusive use of black street slang and especially use of black street talk by pathetic 'wannabee black' whites.
Joe is totally a cretin, dude. We were talking to this sweeeeeeet chick and right away he is slinging this albino Puff Daddy rap on her. She was like rolling her eyes and looked at me like...'who is this hoooked on ebonics fool?'
by Dagrolord July 17, 2005
389 31
A sexual assignation in the parlance of predatory males.
Have I fucked Heather yet? Are you kidding? I had her in for several meatings last week alone.
by dagrolord December 29, 2004
403 52
The ability to detect the presence of babes- especially in cyberspace- without actual sight of them, popularly attributed to a sensory organ within the penis. BONAR- BO(ner) N(avigation) A(nd) R(anging).
She didn't have a profile pic up, Dude... but I was like totally picking her up on BONAR right away.
by dagrolord August 08, 2005
390 40
1. The behavior of arch-bitches.
2. Blanket term to describe the behavior of women who assume the societal prerogatives traditionally reserved for men.
'Hark! Methinks the most fell cuntery was afoot this eve.'--- Attributed to John Wayne Bobbit's ambulance driver c. 1993
by dagrolord August 09, 2005
410 62
Infomercial featuring scantily clad tarts touting products of all sorts.
I saw a nymphomerical the other night with this chick who had monster sweatermeat.
by dagrolord February 06, 2005
388 41
spectacular, massive breasts.
My God! Check out the jugulars on the chick at the counter!
by dagrolord December 29, 2004
420 75