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2 definitions by Daddy Rab

Term used to decsribe a penis infected with the clap. See also drippy dick.
Paul's careless fornication with the shady ladies at Scroggy's got him a case of the weeping willy.
by Daddy Rab January 04, 2010
1. An occurence, remark, reply, or otherwise any given situation which genuinely causes momentary distress or disdain to the point that one tightens his or her sphincter, as if preparing to be kicked in the ass. (Also spelled using hyphens, like so; Kick-In-The-Ass, so as to accentuate that the phrase is to be used, or acknowledged as one word.)

2. Literally, a kick in the ass.
1. After working all week, and breaking his back for an ungrateful boss, Rob's paycheck was a real kick in the ass.

2. When Rob bent over to pick up his paycheck, his boss gave him a kick in the ass.
by Daddy Rab January 04, 2010