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1 definition by Daddy Nasty

An emoticon representing the elusive emotion of awesomeness. Not all people who are sexy, deserving-to-live beasts use ._., but all people who use ._. should have broad-shouldered bodyguards for bullet-shielding purposes around them at all times. When used with more immediate communicative intent, ._. portrays mild frustration, jadedness, or indignation. When a person uses ._. after almost every line, don't read too much into its meaning, and don't be jarred by an occasional .-.
<DaddyNasty> good morning ._.
<SexySwede> i just found an interview on youtube with the grohlest of daves in a totally stoned state ._.
<DaddyNasty> erotic ._.
by Daddy Nasty July 31, 2006
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