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A person who is your friend, only because they have good beer in their fridge, or because they have money to buy you a beer.
Sam: "Hey where were you last night?"

Mark: "Oh I was hanging with Kevin."

Sam: "Right. Kevin, your buddy lite."

Mark: "Yup. He has Heineken."

Sam: "Mark, you're pathetic."
by Daddy Fat Fish July 30, 2010
An adjective that describes sonething that is crappy. Another word for jank, crap, or stupid. Comes in the form of "gwumpy", "gwumpish", "gwumping", or "gwumped".
1. Damn. The movie is sold out. Thats gwump.
2. That girl is so gwumpy all the time.
3. Bobby: "Im gonna fail this test! Im gonna fail high school and die." Tom: "Shut the hell up! And stop being so gwumpish around me!"
by Daddy Fat Fish July 20, 2010

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