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1. The act of waiting and not giving into the munchies when you are currently high.
1.Bob- "Dude, I'm tryin to lose 10 pounds, but I just keep getting the munchies."
Damian- "Dude have you tried the mota-diet?"

2. Dude I'm so messed up and hungry, but I can't eat 'till I sober up. I'm on the mota-diet.
by DaEndo June 09, 2010
1)Fake gay.
2)When your straight friends do something that questions their sexuality.
3)Worse than a metrosexual.
Lance:"Wanna go to the game tonight I got free tix."
Dave:"I would but I have a mani/pedi appointment."
Lance:"Dude that's faux-homo!"
by DaEndo August 06, 2010

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