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Possibly the worlds cutest Gypsy. She listens to some terrible music (Hell yea by midnight red) but by summer, she will learn to listen good, chill music (Floats my Boat by A.E.R) Long talks on the phone will leave you tired in the morning, but she'll make up for it with that amazingly cute giggle and interesting/ completely false statements about the mating rituals of octuopus's. Her gorgeous brown eyes and amazin smile make it hard to look away. And when you do look away, your eyes will see a Grade A booty ;) Sadly, you will probably be too much of a dumbass to have properly asked her out yet. I suggest you find the cheesiest possible way to do it. Example of a cheesey and lame way to ask her out provided below
Shayla, will you goes to the out with me??
by DaBEAST!! March 23, 2013

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