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One half of one of the best rap duo ever, ugk (underground kingz). He used to rap with (RIP) Pimp C, one of the most dope rappers ever. For you faggots who think Bun B gets no love from Ny, Jay Z would like to correct you. Big pimpin was da shit, so fuck da haters. N from ca, lets not forget my 64 by Mike Jones ft. Who? Snoop Dogg
Man 1: yo u hear dat new bun b shit?

Man 2: yeah, dats da shit my nigga
by Da fat rat wit da cheese July 19, 2009
The worst time of the month for a man, similar to hell or slow bloody death. During a woman's pms, she becomes a beast, not as bad as the devil but pretty damn close. Not the best time to ask for sex, or do much of anything involving your girlfriend. In other words, leave her the fuck alone! Women are also known to pull out concealed weapons in pms

*Pms stands for pre menstrual syndrome or pass me the shotgun

Signs of pms are
•uncontrolable anger in a woman
•Demented mood swings
•threats of murder or suicide
•sudden growth of a tail and horns

*girls say its a hard time for them, but thats no reason to take out your anger and concealed weapons on us men. We're trying to help (unless we're not)
Girl-i hate you!
Boy- what the fuck did i do?
Girl- oh my god i fuckin love you!!!
Boy- WHAT???
Girl- (pulls out a pistol) Get the fuck out of my fuckin house you fuckin pervert!!!
Boy- oh shit, its that time of the month. I hate PMS
by Da fat rat wit da cheese July 19, 2009
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