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Guys i uploaded a pic...showin this pimp in GOA! Check it out! and as for what i gotta say...JAMES!!!!! ur a mommafucka! sunday college mahn? are u fuckin outta ur fuckin head? why dontcha do find somthin better to do like gettin a friggin abortion??? Coz really u fucker...wajja think...u cud hav a cross between a dogg and a whatever u are, as a fuckin pet??? ill tell u the fuckin result...ull hav a barkin sonofabitch fuckin all the coke bottles fallen around the campus! Oh and as for tht vice-fuckin-princy! ask him to go take some spoken english classes coz the mofo wudnt kno the fuckin diff between a prayer and a fuckin christmas carol!
Mahn...this is a warnin for all those who wanna join this shit hole! All u get here is a big fat bitch called Shakuntala (calls herself Shakalaka ??? ) whose only purpose here is to give all the princys, vice-princys, and their mutts a good long blow before they sleep...COZ SHE SURE AS HELL DONNO NO BOTANY!!!!!!!!!!!
by Da Moneymahn! December 03, 2004

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