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Money given to people without work that DO posess a house. This therefore means tramps are NOT on income support. It is meant to be spent on food and clothing, but an ACTUAL SIENTIFIC STUDY shows that 73% of people on income support buy cigerettes. (No offence if you don't!)
NB) NO offence was meant with this definition.
Income Support Guy: 10 Malbero's, please.
Cashier: That will be £2.71 then sir.
Income Support Guy: Erm, *fiddles around in pocket* just take it outa ma book! *Produces income support book*
by Da Gaz December 27, 2004
Language spoken by the queen, noted as the perfect way to speak english. That's if you can understand it!
Also uses 'we' instead of 'I'.
Would 1 like to come to tea?
We are a grand-mother! (Margret Thatcher)
by Da Gaz December 27, 2004
Word used by tramps, literally translated into THE queens English as'I Have NO IDEA!'
Da Gaz: Why arn't you on income support?
Tramp: Uh, Flabergushta!
by Da Gaz December 27, 2004

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