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a committed young twerk goddess with the softest skin thats softer than babies' asses. always has fresh kicks hair long face long money long. she just might x2 occasionally turnt also known as odeezy neva cheezy. face down ass up thats the way she likes to fuck and also tie her shoes.
damn did you see odalys last night?
of course not her face always down
by da bridge September 20, 2013
A pet name for a real close friend or family member.
"Hey poompt"
"Dats mah poompt"
"Wat chu doin poompt"
"Where mah poompt at"
by Da Bridge August 02, 2007
When an african-American is tearing some food up. (usually Crabs)
"Why u ova there chompin like dat?"

by Da Bridge June 22, 2007

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