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An internet gamer slang for "You Know What I'm Saying?"
"Your Pentium 4 laptop cannot run Dota 2 gnomesang?"

"You n00bs are gna lose badly gnomesang!"

"You got a test tomorrow, maybe you should study gnomesang?"
by DTMango January 20, 2013
If someone were to take something of yours in an extremely aggressive manner.
Person A: "Can you believe that I was just gnomesnagged in broad daylight!?"
Person B: "Like the girls that have been snagged from me."

Person A: "Whenever I play Dota 2, Rubick always steals my ult and we lose our teamfight gnomesang?"
Person B: "Man Rubick is such a gnomesnag"

Person A: "I am soo hungry that I could gnomesnag a sandwich at the local sandwich shop!"
Person B: "Don't be rude!"
by DTMango February 10, 2014
Being overly forward, (ie. too up-front), in an extremely bold flirtatious kind of way.
A: I was just walking down the street to pick up some mangoes and this guy asked me if I wanted to marry him.
B: Wow, that isn't foward, that's fiveward!

A: Hey good to meet you for the first time, how about I pick you up to meet my parents at six o clock?
B: How fiveward...

A: Would you like to marry me?
B: What? .. fiveward..
A: I didn't mean right now, but maybe we could go out sometime!
A: Oh, okay then you're just forward.
by DTMango February 22, 2014

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