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1. it used to be a great city till racist ass black mayor COLEMAN A YOUNG fucked it all up. detroit will always be a shit hole from now on

2.well, i guess it is a great city for "blacks" to start a business...just dont be white and try and make it in detroit,its not happening!

3.yes,i can say all this shit because i was born and raised in the inner city of detroit(southwest detroit) and went to detroit public high schools(i survived 2 gunshots by my 18th b-day!...no,im not joking!)

4.place where the detroit city council and all brances of local government are anti-white and corrupt kwame kilpatrick especially..(nice navigator mayor!!)

5.has to be the worst place on the fuckin planet to raise kids....especially so if you are cursed with that ugly white skin and blue eyes!

6. place where everyone "normal/descent" wants to ge the fuck out of except the welfare moms and crack dealers!

7. if i mispelled anything im sorry,i went to detroit public high school(western HIGH SCHOOL off VERNOR AND CLARK st. class of 1992)

dont know exacly who the father is?
dial 1-800 whos the daddy

also a billboard PRAISING a murderer rappper(PROOF) who was killed in the act of shooting some dude in the head! the mayor,Kwame kilpatrick attended the fuckin funeral!!

(this is not a joke people)
by DR. DETROIT May 15, 2006
When a woman wearing jortz, sharts herself.
Oh, no when Lee went out for dinner with everyone, she jartz herself.
by Dr. Detroit March 29, 2015

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