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if performed correctly, its a more organized and structured style of movement in a pit. Its concidered structured because actual "dance moves" are used at certain parts of songs that have a certain beat or rhythm. Its not just "flailing" of the arms; is structured movements performed to correspond with particular parts in songs. Such as the 2-step which is done to fast or slow rhythmic alternations between the snare and base drum. Hardcore dancers move to the music, needing a knowlege of music, while push moshers just move aimlessly without structure. The usual "push mosher" fag is the asshole who decides theyre just going to push random people with no rhythm and with no disregard to if someone is in the pit, just someone observing the pit, if theyre a female. Thought hardcore dancing is seen as "wreckless" or "dangerous" it is deeply structured on respect. If someone falls we "hardcore dancer" help them up. If someone is in a "push mosh" pit they wouldnt get helped or noticed. They would just be trampled on because nobody is paying attention to what anybody is doing. Basically harcore dancing is a structured style of movement in which actual dance moves are performed to correspond with certain rhythms or tempos in songs.
by DMON [AM] February 10, 2009
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