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One who initiates or participates in the intense study of jankiness. I.e., studying whether or not jankiness is a state of being, or a set of behavioral choices resulting from a janky (inanimate) environment.
Jankologist: "Is this a janky pen, or is the quality of this pen a result of jankiness inherent in its builder?"

Pen Builder: "Do you like my mullet? I'm from Pierre Part!"
by DL Smith June 20, 2006
The state of being janky. Used to describe an amount or a level within that state -- studied by a jankologist.
-House guest surveying the couch he or she will be sleeping on-
"What is this jankiness?"

-Surveying the theme park that I just paid $50 to get into-
"This is an incredibly high level of jankiness."

by DL Smith June 20, 2006
To eat in a way which is piggish, like a cop eating donuts or a black man eating ribs.
Home boy hadn't eaten donuts in so long that as soon as he had his hamfists on em he was gruffling happily.

I wouldn't risk gettin my hand near that Negro's mouth, the way he's gruffling them ribs.
by DL Smith June 22, 2006
A verb, used mostly in the south, meaning to stab. The term in and of itself indicates stabbing with any object that is handy, especially a writing utensil.
"Nigga watch fo' I juug you wit my pen"

"Watch if you don't back up off me, Ima juug you wit this chair leg."
by DL Smith June 21, 2006

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