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The worst OS ever in the past 5 years. Even Apple II was more stable. Please, WinME users, do yourselves a favor and get Windows 2000 Professional
Hello, I--*crash*
by dj gs68 July 07, 2003
The best goddamn hot sauce in the universe. It is composed of vinegar, red peppers, and salt, which is stirred then stored in barrels for a few years.
gs68 never eats pizza without tabasco sauce unless he has absolutely no access to it.
by dj gs68 September 28, 2003
A slow-ass pollution machine.
Hey random socer mom in front of me! Move your fat SUV ass, the light's green!
by dj gs68 September 23, 2003
Not equal to.
gs68 =/= gs68
by dj gs68 July 23, 2003
One of the most underrated genres of music ever.
Why is this song categorized as "Hyper Trance Eurobeat"?
by dj gs68 April 24, 2003
The most overplayed DDR song ever. Commonly played by DDR 3rd Mix and DDR USA fanboys when they go up on a DDR Extreme machine and go, "WTF?" at the songlist. V (for EXTREME) looks non-played compared to that.

But factually, the song is an African tribal style song, running at 200 BPM. It made its debut on the game Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMIX. It was the first song to run at 200 BPM or more, besides PARANOiA Evolution, which debuted on a "Solo" version of DDR, namely DDR Solo Bass Mix.

Beginner - 2, Light/Basic - 5, Standard/Trick - 7, Heavy/Maniac - 9
OK, I can beat Sakura (Heavy), Burning Heat! (Heavy), and Rhythm and Police (Heavy), but I still can't beat Afronova (Heavy).
by dj gs68 July 08, 2003
Short for Filipino-American, one who is of Filipino ethnicity but was born in the U.S.
by dj gs68 October 10, 2003

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