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1 definition by DJ Shleezy Shlackey

A term used for an ex-girlfriend that was a complete bitch and still wont leave you alone (whether by being a clingy ex, hurting your reputation, or if she was just a bitchy girlfriend all together).
Example 1: Person A: So last night at the party my ex got drunk and told everyone she gave me herpes, while I was talkin with Stacey!

Person B: Damn, what a bitch-stain!

Example 2: Person A: Shit, she needs to leave me alone! We broke up two weeks ago!

Person B: Damn, what a bitch-stain!

Example 3: Person A: My girl got mad at me because I hung out with ya'll after the both of us were together for six hours straight!

Person B: Damn, make her your bitch-stain!
by DJ Shleezy Shlackey September 26, 2010