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Bel Air, contrary to belief of the other teenage wastoids on this website, is in fact an awesome town. If you're chilling with your homies, and not convinced that the rest of the world is better, every friday and saturday night is mad fun. There's drugs, sex, booze, crime, hustling, and debotchery and merriment to be had. If you don't sit at home in front of your computer complaining and go socializing, you're guaranteed to have a good time. There's always a good show at the Recher Theatre in Towson, another more urban like form of Bel Air, and in Bel Air, you are almost guaranteed to get what you are looking for. The skaters are always good to chill with, if you're looking for some sober fun. If you want to get shitfaced, head down the festival and look for somebody in pulse who is also trying to get wasted. You don't really need a job or any real cash, because everythings so cheap up here. You don't really need a car, somebody will probably drive you. If you're out at the right hour, you can go drunk tipping, Bel Air has quite a bar scene. The amount of drug traffic in Bel Air is exceptional, particularly due to pulse interactive. The local scene (as in scene kid) is surprisingly chill. Most of the Bel Air scenesters smoke, drink, and vandalize like the normal kids. You can pretty much get away with anything in Bel Air, the cops are easy to escape, and are too concerned with the skaters to deal with you too long. You can even buy some meth, if you're into that sort of thing.
Bel Air is an indescribably chill town
by DJ Mizrboy December 24, 2006

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