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The act or state of being incredibly hard and ready to be falached; used in describing the appearance of a person or their: penis, muscles, tits, clitoris, etc.
Ex 1: God dam girl your making me real mojave right now.
Ex 2: Hot dam, those bitches tits are so mojave.
by DJ Middleton April 26, 2009
A noun; A DUDE BRO who resembles a chod by stature and one who appreciates steroids and weights over a pair of tits. This is a man who is often found performing homosexual acts; but he escapes being called gay by clinching his ass cheeks in front of his accusers.

GIRL 1: Wasn't that party great last night?
GIRL 2: Ha, LOL. No, like there was a total berg who was macking on me all night. He kept inviting me into the bird cage.
GIRL 1; O gross. Did you go with him?
GIRL 1: Like no, I walked into the room and there were a bunch of dudes in there.
by DJ Middleton April 26, 2009
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