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The only real gangsta zone. Puerto Rico is the best of both worlds, you can't describe all Puerto Ricans as one because all Puerto Ricans are unique, there are whites, blacks, blonds, brunettes, redheads, even Asian-looking (generally nicknamed: chino) Puerto Ricans. The only real trait to distinguish them is their attitude, Puerto Ricans never bow down, unlike almost all other countries, when Puerto Ricans go somewhere, they are the boss. Puerto Rico is not just another Caribbean island, Puerto Rico is the big boss of the Caribbean, even though it is one of the smaller Antilles. A word of advice for all people who are generally not welcome, like hicks and frat boys, if you visit the island, try not to look anyone in the eye, or you'll end up 7 feet under... that's right, 7 feet.
Don't go to Puerto Rico to cause any trouble, everyone there is true gangsta.

Why are you going to Puerto Rico? you're a frat boy, you can't go there, you're gonna get fucked up.

El que se zafe lo corro, lo tiro del morro, ASÍ ES QUE SE VIVE EN PUERTORRO WELCOME TO SAN JUAN.
#gangsta zone #reggaeton #malianteo #rebuleo #los gringos me lo maman bien cabrón
by DJ Miche September 16, 2007
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