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Particular men's hair style featuring gelled up spikes all over the head,
much like the Growing up Gotti Hair-do. Very popular in Wayne, NJ.
Hence the name. Guys wearing this do will also be seen in polo shirts collars up of course, with a sweatband on their forearm and a bottle of vitamin water. Most likely to be seen traveling in packs, typically seen in German luxury cars their parents buy them.
" Hey, did you see those Wayne Heads last night at the bar?"
" Oh yeah, the ones that got shot down by every girl in the joint?"
" Yeah, them, I saw them doing burnouts in a beemer in the parking lot."
by DJ D-rail July 28, 2007
the natural phenomenon occurs when a female fellates a sleeping or unconscious male, often results in sleep disruption for the receiver.
After Turbo-Dave passed out on the couch, he awoke to see
Janet helping herself to a snack.
Here's the play by play
Janet: "Mmmmm slurp slurp"
TD: "ZZZ..Whaaaa?"
J: "Slurp slurp mmmm"
TD: "I'll give you 20 minutes to cut that out!"
J: "Mmmm slurp slurp *gulp* slurp"
by DJ D-Rail August 07, 2006
A lousy, pretentious, untalented, snaggle-toothed, functionally retarded singer whose horrible song " big black horse and a cherry tree"(woo-hoo) is played twice an hour on all the crappy teeny-bop fm stations. Further proving that american pop music is crap, and you will never go broke appealing to the lowest common denominator.
I will go back in time and smack K.T. Tunstall's parent's for encouraging
her the first time she tried to sing, dance or play guitar!
by DJ D-rail July 26, 2006

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