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2 definitions by DJ Crunk Face

Although some people keep it real, some people keep it realer. Shane is an example of keeping it really, really real. By keeping it really, really real, he does what he wants, when he wants, to whom he wants.
When the homies tried to roll hard on Shane in the HBG, he whipped out his gigantic man-cock and smacked those bitches in their silly faces ...Obviously he was keeping it realer.
by DJ Crunk Face February 08, 2005
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1) A man with super powers over women;
2) To spooge on one's sister's face.
Jim- I saw Linford Coote the other day.
Josh- Yeah?! I haven't seen that guy for years!
Jim- Yeah, he was about to pull out and give your mom a golden shower.
Josh- WTF???
Jim- She was asking for it.

2) Mel- I sometimes think about doing it to my sister.
Andy- Funny you mention that. You know it's easier to cross the hall than to cross the street. Plus, she let's me Linford Coote.
by DJ Crunk Face February 09, 2005
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