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A term used to describe a girl who is "Down To Fuck."
Matt-"I got this breezy for you Jake."
Jake-"Is she hot?"
Matt-"Yeah son, and she's DTF."
Jake-"Tight, hook it up."
by DJ Blournie Stone March 25, 2008
A term used to describe a person who is acting wack, stupid, foolish, and basically very despicable.
Philippe: "I'm gonna go fuck that bitch, I gotta get my nut son."
Matt: "Son that bitch is fuckin' fat. Your trippin'!"
Philippe: "I don't give a fuck, it's better than catchin' a beat."
Matt: "Son, I'd rather catch a beat than fuckin' that ugly bitch."
Jake: "Nigga.......you gutted!!!"
by DJ Blournie Stone April 07, 2008
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