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Music is a sound in which people can listen to in order to feel good about something or change their mood. Plese, do not call rap "crap". Yes, I Indeed agree that 50 Cent and Chingy are some of the most talentless people in the history of mankind but keep an open mind to the underground and old school "B-Boy" aspects of hip-hop. Yes, around 1998 is the time at which hip-hop turned for the worst. Also, hip-hop artists such as shiffai and wa gubla of senegal are extremely talented, do not judge a genre of musice solely on the shit that you are exposed to.
Celly Cel and E-40 are TRU to the game. They made gangsta rap what it is now. Eric B. and Rakim, A Tribe Called Quest, Onyx, Wu Tang are some of the old schools most cherichable, pay attention to these once infamous leaders of a disregarded genre of music. Pleases mind that what you might enjoy, someone else might hate. Everything intended to be music is in fact music.
by DJ 5 On It January 16, 2004

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