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Lawn Ornament in the shape of a small black child wearing a ball cap, holding up a lantern, could be mistaken for a little black jockey holding up a lantern looking for something
Check out the front lawns in your area to see if any of your neighbors "own" one
by DJ January 14, 2004
1. a cocktail beverage consisting of orange juice, sprite, & bacardi o

2. a female's naughty region
You're such a poonswa; I drank your poonswa in my bed AND shower
by DJ March 28, 2005
Coolest korean in the US
WOW!!!! LOOK its kevron!
by DJ March 02, 2005
man these
mayonese alota people here
by DJ January 21, 2004
(Un)cool soicialites wearing tacky skirts and an ugly hats, paid heaps for just turning up
the (infamous)Hilton Sisters Melbourne Cup 2003
by dj November 06, 2003
Keeen!!!!!!!!!!!! EE+=keen is COOL
by DJ October 04, 2003
Followers Of Christ Upholding Standards
An acronym for one of the most anointed gospel groups coming out of Charleston, SC
by DJ September 13, 2004
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